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Born and raised in South London, the soulful singer/songwriter Ruth-Ellen independently pursues her passion for soulful music. Growing up listening to soul, Gospel and Jazz, Ruth-Ellen fuses these traditional styles with more contemporary styles of neo-soul and R&B, naturally creating soulful lyrics, vibrant melodies and jazzy harmonies. These influences have developed into a distinctive sound, called ‘Soft Soul’.


In 2017 saw the  release of ‘Between Two Worlds’ which looks into my purpose, and the struggles she faced balancing mental health whilst pursuing dreams expressed through visuals from lead singles ‘Glow’, ‘40 40 home’ and ‘Our Love’.


Ruth-Ellen soon started a residency hosting intimate evenings known as ‘Ruth-Ellen & Friends’ (REAF) - a showcase with open mic. This created a great opportunity to stay connected to her audience.


Over the past 2 years, Ruth-Ellen has been releasing singles starting with ‘Over the wall’ as the first single from her upcoming project entitled ‘Transit’. Soon after she released ‘Reveal my heart’ which gives light to the importance of inner growth- Making an intentional decision to deal with your emotions, meditating on things that cause you to grow and stand complete.


“I sing songs that bring hope to the everyday dreamer.” - Ruth-Ellen