Just A bit about Ruth-Ellen

Ruth-Ellen is a 23-year-old soulful singer/songwriter from South London and a member of the SXWKS collective, who has been pursuing her passion for music over the past four years. 2015 saw the release of Ruth-Ellen’s debut EP 'Life' with 7 inspirational songs,which she launched in March.

Over the past year, Ruth-Ellen has been collaborating with artists such as Samuel Cole, Mayonaka, Banwo the Poet and Mr Emotionz, mixing both poetry and music together.


Growing up, listening to classic soul and Gospel was a second nature. Other influences include a mixture of soul, hip hop, pop, jazz and contemporary music,both old.


Currently, Ruth-Ellen has be experimenting with hiphop instrumentals from producers such as JDilla and Evrl, singing her old original songs over them with a fresh melodic approach, showing off her big range and soulful tones.

Ruth-Ellen is happy to announce that Her LP #BetweenTwoWorlds is  OUT NOW and available to purchase on all major music download and streaming websites 

#BetweenTwoWorlds looks further into Ruth-Ellen's purpose and destiny and the struggles that she has faces throughout her journey. Ruth-Ellen shares truths about her life, relating to everyday situations which will resonate with all listeners.

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